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World-Class Facilities

The Defense Health Agency Facilities Enterprise (DHA-FE) of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs is committed to delivering world-class medical facilities that support a care experience that is patient and family-centered, compassionate, convenient, equitable, safe, and always of the highest quality. This site is a place of learning and sharing for everyone involved in making this happen.

Edwards Medical Dental Clinic
Edwards AFB, California
Photo by Steve Langston of RLF
Medical/Dental Clinic Replacement
Tinker Air Force Base
Oklahoma City, OK
Sherlock, Smith & Adams, Inc.
U.S. Army Health Center
Vicenza, Italy
Photo by Raymond Martinot
MacDill Community Clinic
MacDill AFB, Tampa, Florida
RLF Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers
U.S. Naval Hospital, Guam
Sherlock, Smith & Adams, Inc.
MILCON Replacement for NMRTU Bahrain Medical/Dental Clinic
Manama, Bahrain
Photo By CDR Aldana, Alex



DoD Medical Facilities Organizations


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